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Our youngest MDUSD students were welcomed back to campus with much love and joy on March 25th, with remaining grades gracing campuses beginning March 27th. I encourage everyone to search #MDUSDIsBack across all social media platforms. You will see the pure joy and relief of students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents safely returning to school buildings! 

I am proud to represent Area 3 on the board, a portion of our district that for too long has had little to no voice on our school board. I am committed to bringing to light and finding solutions to  challenges students and families in Area 3 face in our district. I am committed to raising questions and issues of teachers and administrators that have frankly, historically been ignored. I cannot wait to problem solve with my fellow Trustees, and our entire district community to ensure that when we emerge from this pandemic, we do not go back to business as usual. I am eager to contribute to the plans for summer and fall 2021, that ensure every student is met where they are, and provided with the support they need to learn and thrive.

Surviving this pandemic has allowed us this unique opportunity to shine a bright light to the weaknesses of a variety of systems and institutions, and take this time to figure out how to return better than pre-pandemic times. I'm excited to connect with even more parents, host more listening sessions, develop and strengthen relationships with the many well established community organizations in Area 3 so that when we are able to get back to normal, we are ready for a new normal. I'm thankfully vaccinated, and in about a month, my husband will be as well, so I will finally be able to get out in the community and meet many of you who I've never had the privilege of meeting in person! This introvert will soon come out of her shell:-)

Thank you all for the honor of a lifetime to do hard, necessary things on the MDUSD school board.

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MDUSD community

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Thank you for electing me to represent Area 3 on the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Board!

I am ready to lead our district into a new era that puts social and racial justice into action. If we do nothing, everything will stay the same.


As a community, our children can’t afford that.

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Meet Keisha

Racial Justice and Equity Advocate
for MDUSD School Board

My name is Keisha Nzewi and I am a trustee for Mount Diablo Unified School District, Area 3. I am the Public Policy Director for the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network, the parent of a Valley View Middle School 7th grader, and a member of Racial Equity for MDUSD.

Like all parents, I want the best schools possible for my child. In fact,
I want what’s best for all children. Given the new challenges COVID-19 brings, and the old challenges of racism, we need progressive thinkers on the School Board. We need decision makers who are not confined in their thinking by the way things are or have always been, but are willing to identify the things that don’t work in our school district, and have the courage to rebuild it the right way.

My education prepared me for reimagining our educational systems. I have a BA Degree from UC Berkeley and a Masters of Public Health from SF State University. Every day I think strategically about how to provide quality child care in our state at my job with the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network.

I am ready to lead our district into a new era that puts social and racial justice into action through policies, curriculum, and training. I will build community within the district so students, families, teachers, and administrators feel like their voices are not only heard, but valued and amplified. I will foster communication so that the district becomes better listeners.

If we do nothing, everything will stay the same. As a community, our children can’t afford that. We need to seize this moment to make real change.

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