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I will be an unapologetic advocate for the community to ensure MDUSD can provide safe and equitable education and a network of resources and support.


Schools are essential pillars of every community and not just as institutions of learning. They are health centers, food pantries, recreation centers – they are true community hubs. I’ll ensure families, teachers, students, staff and administrators have access to community support by building bridges between the school district, school sites, city governments and non-profit organizations to ensure we all leverage our resources to ensure the community has what they need. 

I am committed to building community by listening, understanding, and working in collaboration with fellow board members, and all of our community’s stakeholders. I will be proactive in making sure voices that have been silenced, are now heard loud and clear.


Even prior to the pandemic, many parents felt disengaged and frustrated by poor communication from the district. I will prioritize communication and provide guidance as to how the district can be better listeners. including how to best distribute information to our community.


Personally, I will foster communication and community building by hosting regularly scheduled meet and greets in the community, at varying times to accommodate all stakeholders. I will always provide a translator for live events, and translated print or online materials for the significant Spanish speaking community in Area 3.


I will be an impatient board member, refusing to accept process over progress. This institution was built long ago, and generations have been negatively impacted. We don’t have time to wait for change.


I will not be constrained by the way things are or have always been. That’s the same as doing nothing. I have an unwavering commitment to bringing anti-racist policies and regulations into every corner of the school district, dismantling individual, institutional and structural racism that exists throughout Mt. Diablo Unified. 

Campaign Launch Recording

Watch the virtual campaign launch party Friends of Keisha Nzewi for MDUSD School Board 2020 held on August 8, 2020. You'll hear Keisha tell her story and learn why she is running for office. You'll also get to hear from supporters why they endorse Keisha for school board. Keisha answers questions about Black Lives Matter, school funding, special education, teachers unions, and more.

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